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The Great Divide: Those Who Buy and Those Who Sell Data

The Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report wrapping up 2016 is out just in time for the new year and it’s full of insights about our methods and modes, buzz and hype, and client needs. But the most engaging read illustrates the divide that is developing between those who buy and those who sell data. Research consumers are showing research producers what they need, and what they are doing when their partners aren’t up to the challenge. 

Buyers are focused on using wider sources of data, and integrating them to find deeper insights, specifically focusing on internal data and appending social media data and primary data. Clients are still working hard to tell big data stories and tie it all together. Sellers appear to be more focused on primary data, not surprisingly given it’s their bread and butter, and appending secondary and third party data to primary data. The primary difference in focus is critical because it will fuel …